• Valley View Chapel

    (Long Valley, NJ)

    Audio, video, stage lighting, architectural lighting control
  • Grace Church

    (Netcong, NJ)

    Sound, video, lighting
  • Stonecrest Community Church

    (Warren, NJ)

    Audio, video, stage lighting, architectural lighting control, acoustics, environment
  • Zarephath Christian Church

    (Somerset, NJ)

    Audio, video projection, stage lighting, multi-venue video and audio
  • Tower Hill Church (Student Cafe)

    (Red Bank, NJ)

    Audio, video, stage lighting, and architectural lighting control for new cafe space
  • The Woodland

    (Maplewood, NJ)

    New audio system and stage lighting
  • Liberty Corner Presbyterian Church- Conference Room

    (Liberty Corner, NJ)

    Multi-zone audio and video multimedia systems
  • First Baptist Church

    (Danville, PA)

    New main speaker system, stage wiring, and digital mixers
  • Grace Community Church (Newburgh Campus)

    (Newburgh, NY)

    Audio, video, stage lighting, and building AV systems for new church campus
  • New Life Fellowship

    (Queens, NY)

    New main speaker system and stage wiring
  • Redeemer Presbyterian Church

    (Montclair, NJ)

    Video projection system and audio system upgrades
  • Grace Alliance Chapel

    (Westampton, NJ)

    Audio, video, and stage lighting systems for new church facility
  • Transformation Church

    (Middletown, NY)

    New multi-screen video, building-wide video, stage lighting, and LED house lighting
  • Living Waters Church

    (Parsippany, NJ)

    New video projection system
  • Harding Township School

    (Harding, NJ)

    New audio and stage lighting systems
  • Grace Community Church (Warwick Campus)

    (Warwick, NY)

    New audio, multi-screen video, stage and architectural lighting, and building AV systems
  • Three Bridges Reformed Church

    (Neshanic, NJ)

    New sanctuary video projection system
  • Centerpoint Church (Bay Shore Campus)

    (Bay Shore, NY)

    Audio, video, and stage lighting systems for new church campus
  • Calvary Assembly Of God

    (Springfield, NJ)

    New sanctuary audio and LED stage lighting systems
  • Calvary Chapel Crossfields

    (Jamesburg, NJ)

    LED stage lighting system
  • Risen King Alliance Church

    (New City, NY)

    New audio and video projection systems
  • Tower Hill Presbyterian Church (sanctuary)

    (Red Bank, NJ)

    New audio, video, and LED lighting systems for church sanctuary
  • Mendham Hills Community Church

    (Mendham, NJ)

    New Multi-Screen Video Projection System
  • Grace Church Middletown

    (Middletown, NY)

    New Audio, Video, Stage Lighting, and Architectural Lighting for new facility
  • Cornerstone Bible Church

    (Rivervale, NJ)

    New Audio and Video Projection Systems
  • Renaissance Church

    (Summit, NJ)

    Sound, video, lighting, acoustics, environment
  • Grace Church

    (Rockaway, NJ)

    Portable audio and video systems
  • Liberty Corner Presbyterian

    (Liberty Corner, NJ)

    Audio reconfiguration and optimization, video projection upgrades
  • Cornerstone Chapel

    (Pompton Plains, NJ)

    Audio, video, lighting, environment
  • Tower Hill Presbyterian Church

    (Red Bank, NJ)

    New audio and video systems for parish hall
  • Green Pond Bible Chapel

    (Newfoundland, NJ)

    new stage lighting system
  • The Life Christian Church

    (West Orange, NJ)

    Building-wide audio, audio and video finishing & upgrades
  • Rockaway Assembly Of God

    (Rockaway, NJ)

    Audio, video, lighting and acoustical design & finishing
  • Calvary Chapel Old Bridge

    (Old Bridge, NJ)

    Video and lighting equipment
  • Calvary Chapel Stony Brook

    (Middlesex, NJ)

    audio equipment upgrades
  • Calvary Chapel Morris Hills

    (Morris Plains, NJ)

    audio, video, and stage lighting systems for new facility
  • Holy Cross Lutheran Church

    (Springfield, NJ)

    reconfiguration of existing audio system, power switching and sequencing
  • Redeemer Lutheran Church

    (Westfield, NJ)

    new audio system for sanctuary, new audiovisual system for parish hall
  • ESS, LLC

    (Hillsborough, NJ)

    audio and video equipment and consultation
  • Atlantic Realty

    (Woodbridge, NJ)

    environmental acoustical consultation and analysis
  • Clarendon Road Church

    (Brooklyn, NY)

    new audio system
  • New York City Public Schools

    (New York, NY)

    audio and video system design and finishing for school auditorium
  • Believer’s Fellowship Center

    (Johnstown, NY)

    speaker and audio system upgrades
  • Centerpoint Church

    (Massapequa, NY)

    LED stage lighting, truss system, audio upgrades
  • East Rockaway Nazarene

    (East Rockaway, NY)

    LED stage lighting system
  • Grace Community Church

    (Washingtonville, NY)

    audio upgrades, video projection, stage lighting
  • The Bridge Church

    (Malverne, NY)

    Audio and video upgrades, LED stage lighting, acoustics, environment
  • Worship & Praise Church

    (Staten Island, NY)

    new video projection and audio upgrades for remodeled worship space

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