Valley View Chapel

Our collaboration with Valley View Chapel began in 2005, as they were beginning to plan their new multi-purpose facility addition consisting of a multi-use gym/worship center, classroom and meeting spaces, and kitchen. 

Somerset Media Group collaborated with the church, project architect, and mechanical engineering firm in developing the infrastructural elements of the facility, including electrical, conduit, and lighting specifications.

Unfortunately, gaining the necessary municipal and governmental approvals and variances took far longer than anyone anticipated. In the interim, we designed an installed a new speaker-drive system (speakers, amplifiers, processing, and support elements) consisting of EAW speakers and subwoofer, QSC power amplifiers, and dbx DriveRack processing, and some additional infrastructural wiring in the existing worship space as an interim measure. This system now serves the student ministries of the church, who have since adapted and moved into the existing facilities as their primary gathering place.

Finally, in late 2011, the project received the necessary proposals, and all the planning finally became reality. Somerset Media Group designed, specified, and installed sound, video projection, and stage lighting and architectural dimming nd control systems in the new multipurpose space to support Valley View’s current ministries, and to serve as a springboard for future initiatives.

The new sound system is built around a Yamaha LS9-32 digital mixing console, QSC commercial power amplifiers, a dbx DriveRack system processor, and numerous JBL loudspeaker systems including AE-series mains, SRX-series subwoofers located in cutouts underneath the platform, and assorted Control series speakers for fill, hallway, and nursery audio. (5) Custom Ace Backstage recessed stage pockets are located on the platform for customized, convenient access to all audio and video patch points and for AC power.

Because we value aesthetics and a clean appearance as much as we do function, all premise wiring and infrastructure is permanently-installed and hidden from sight. For comprehensive onstage monitoring for musicians and singers, we provided a multi-station

Aviom personal monitor mixing system fed from an expansion card in the Yamaha mixing console, Sennheiser wireless in-ear monitor systems, and feeds for conventional stage monitors should they be required. Power for the entire system is switched and sequenced via a Furman power conditioning and sequencing system, for easy one-button powering of the sound system. A Sennheiser wired and wireless microphone package, complete custom cable package, K&M microphone stands, and Tascam playback deck round out the system.

The video projection system includes (2) Panasonic widescreen projectors- one main projector and one confidence/cue projector, and (2) Da-Lite 16:9-aspect motorized projection screens, which are remotely controllable from the media booth.  A Kramer switcher/scaler allows many different video formats and sources to feed the screens, including a remote video port located on the platform for use with a presenter’s laptop computer. A Tascam DVD player and a projection computer in the media booth round out the video system.

The lighting system includes two main parts: essential stage lighting and dimming using installed ETC SmartBar dimmers and Altman lighting instruments, and a comprehensive ETC Unison architectural dimming and relay system for the room lights. We provided permanently-installed ETC wall control panels near the major entrances, providing easy-to-use, pre-programmed one-button control of various lighting levels and looks for the entire room. The whole lighting system may also be controlled in the media booth via a Leviton lighting console.

The new facility, and the new systems provide a solid and capable foundation for Valley View Chapel’s ministries today, and are flexible, capable, and expandable to provide a great foundation for the church’s future.

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