Grace Church

Grace Church is the story of a ministry whose size and reach have grown and diversified significantly over the past several years. From one location, Grace has now grown to 5 weekend worship services in 2 formats, and now 2 locations: Netcong NJ and Bethlehem NJ.

Like the church itself, our relationship with this dynamic organization has grown over time as well. Our initial work at Grace included a new “speaker-drive” system (how we refer to a speaker, amplifier, processing, and wiring installation) in the main auditorium, comprised of a Left-Center-Right EAW speaker system with front fills, delay fills, subwoofers. Driven by QSC commercial power amplifiers and processed via a dbx DriveRack 4820, this system exhibits startling clarity, fidelity, punch, and power- all hallmarks of Somerset Media Group system installations.

But our work- and our relationship- with Grace quickly expanded. A new Yamaha LS9-32 digital mixing console was almost immediately added to the main system, followed by video projection, switching, and capture upgrades. Recently, we completed an in-ear monitor mixing system in the main auditorium utilizing a second Yamaha LS9-32 digital console paired with a mix of Sennheiser wireless in-ear systems and hard-wired headphone connections. Grace Church now has the most comprehensive monitoring system we’ve installed in a church to date, including up to 17 discrete in-ear and headphone mixes, and up to 8 conventional stage monitor mixes.

Other work we’ve completed at Grace includes a complete portable sound and video system for the Rockaway satellite campus. The sound system there is also based around a Yamaha LS9 digital mixing console, to allow cross-training of all Grace audio technicians on a common console layout. A new audio-video surround system is currently in the works for the Grace student ministry center. Our partnership with Grace continues to evolve as the church continues to grow and to innovate in new ways.

One unique aspect of our work at Grace over the years has been a partnership with the church’s skilled volunteer base to complete parts of the system installations. Our collaboration with them has lowered the cost of the system installations for the church, and given the church production team ownership of each new system and unique understanding of its workings. This has been a winning team, and one that continually maximizes Grace Church’s stewardship opportunity and investment in systems that are truly a springboard for more widespread and effective ministry.

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