You need an experienced, capable, and well-balanced team with a clear understanding of your needs, value for your priorities, and a mastery of the tools and techniques best-suited to meet those needs with cutting-edge, innovative, reliable, and professional solutions that are elegantly deployed. Make our team your team!



With 23 years of experience and hundreds of innovative designs, systems, and solutions created and deployed over those years, Michael launched Somerset Media Group to better serve the technical, production, and environmental needs and opportunities of the local church. He has been active in the NYC/NJ metro area for the past two decades as an active performing musician, arranger, producer, audio engineer, church leader, clinician, speaker, instructor, and consultant. He has served on the staff of six churches ranging from a brand-new church start-up that began in his living room to a 200-year old denominational church of historical note, in roles ranging from liturgical worship to cutting-edge contemporary music and production to church planter. He has also served on the faculty of two local colleges teaching in areas of church ministry, music technology, and audio production. He collaborates with churches and other organizations in worship and arts-related areas to clarify vision and mission, develop leadership, optimize team functionality, and leverage technology, all to provide a solid infrastructure with which to engage in ministry. Michael’s goal for technology in the church is that it would be inspiring, not distracting, and that it would serve as an effective springboard for ministry rather than an obstacle to it. In Somerset Media Group, Michael serves as the Principal, Client Relations Lead, and Chief Designer.




Steve Dickerson has a passion for sound, video, and lighting production and production technology.  As the owner of a live production company, Steve has worked with several national artists as well as many local acts, giving him a well rounded understanding of what it takes to translate what happens on the stage to the ears of the audience or congregation.  As our Project Manager, Steve oversees every detail of each system as they are integrated into your facility, ensuring that the function, integrity and quality of the systems exceed your expectations.  Steve is also a worship leader at his church, and his father is a pastor, giving him a unique understanding and appreciation of the values, priorities, and needs of our church and house of worship clients. 



Tim has been on staff at various churches in New Jersey. He has a passion for well-thought-out sacred spaces.  He is aware of the ever changing needs of houses of worship. Tim loves working with Somerset Media Group and in his own words says that he is “extremely proud of the work we do”.  He has served as a worship leader in various capacities for over 20 years and currently serves at Newbridge church in Basking Ridge, NJ. Tim holds a Masters of Divinity from Alliance Theological Seminary in Nyack, NY.  Tim has been married to Becky since 1998 and they have three children.

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