Making Your Church Production Culture Sustainable

by Michael Hoddy | May 31, 2014 | Media Ministry

When assessing any potential upgrade or addition to your church’s media ministry or production infrastructure, one of the key questions you must ask yourself is not only “Do we know how to make it work?”… KEEP READING >

Who Are The Toys For?

by Michael Hoddy | Jan 03, 2014 | Media Ministry

That struck me to the heart. I love production technology. For years, decades, since I was a teenager, I would wait expectantly for the newest music store catalog to come in the mail, and I would browse its pages, dreaming… KEEP READING >

Current Trends: Line Arrays

by Michael Hoddy | Sep 12, 2013 | Audio

First of all, a line array is simply a tool, and like all tools, it can be a great tool when used properly and a very poor tool in the wrong application or the wrong hands. As an illustration, you can… KEEP READING >

Current Trends: Video Cameras

by Michael Hoddy | Jan 09, 2013 | Media Ministry, Video

Video cameras have two basic uses in houses of worship: studio and field production use for creating original content such as original short films, advertisements, announcements, and bumpers; and live use for image magnification… KEEP READING >

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