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What an incredible year! In 2019, we got the chance to serve 60 different organizations with single and multiple pr…

over a year ago

This week, we are working on 4 different projects around the tri-state area. We are privileged to partner with chur…

over a year ago

Our principal, Michael Hoddy, was recently a guest on the Reclaimed Leader podcast talking about the unique role of…

over a year ago

Somerset Media Group is an innovative firm that designs and builds creative audio, video, lighting, and acoustical solutions for houses of worship.

Technology, Artistry, Ministry. More than any other company, you can count on us to deliver cutting-edge solutions tailor-made for your requirements, meticulously conceived and artfully executed with your ministry values and needs as the driving force at every step of the way.

On the ground: Video Livestreaming

by | Mar 24, 2020 |

Over the past two weeks of the coronavirus pandemic, we'ved worked and consulted with a myriad churches of many widely differeing traditions to implement, set up, and tweak video capture and livestreaming setups. While this has become the pressing conversation in our work most recently, this not a new area of focus or a one-off type of work for us at Somerset Media Group, where we've implemented livestream solutions for dozens of churches and campuses of all sizes for several years. We'd love to be of assistance to you, and we have the ability to provide anything from temporary rentals to complete installed systems. The State of NJ has deemed church staff members who are engaging in livestreaming, and the people supporting them, as "essential activities." Feel free to contact us directly at or (908) 315-3553. We'd love to connect!


Church Video Livestreaming Basics

by | Mar 17, 2020 |

Hi all,

Yesterday, we went live on Facebook to discuss the basics of church video livetreaming in these rapidly-changing times. You can check out the conversation here! As always, let us know how we can be of help.